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China Electric Department releases serial domestic terahertz imaging chip

Date: 2018-10-17
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A few days ago, China Electric Science released a series of domestic terahertz imaging chips at the first Digital China Construction Summit.


A terahertz chip with a grain size can play a huge role in the human body safety detector. It can detect the weak terahertz wave radiated by the human body itself, and analyze the detected signal through the internal algorithm of the instrument. It can image the human body and help the security personnel to quickly check the dangerous goods carried by the human body without causing any radiation harm to the detected personnel.

The Terahertz chip, which is independently developed by China Electrical Science and Technology Section and applied to non-destructive security inspection and imaging, was first published at this digital China Construction Summit. Its appearance provides an effective solution to the increasingly serious security problems in China.

Because the terahertz signal radiated by human body is extremely weak, the terahertz chip is required to have the characteristics of ultra-high sensitivity, ultra-low noise and ultra-wide band, so that the weak signal of human body radiation can be detected and the purpose of imaging can be achieved. The THz passive imaging chips independently developed by 13 China Electrical Science and Technology Institute mainly include low noise amplifier chips and geophone chips. Firstly, the low noise amplifier chip amplifies the weak signal of human body radiation, then the detector chip rectifies these disorderly microwave signals into easy-to-analyze DC signals, and then data processing and imaging through the internal algorithm of the security detector.

In the past, the core imaging chip technology in security instruments has been controlled by foreign countries. Today, we display chips, regardless of material growth, process manufacturing, simulation modeling and circuit design and other key technical links have achieved independent research and development, autonomous control. The terahertz detector module developed by these chips is superior to foreign similar products in both price and performance. It can replace imported products and significantly improve the level of our country's terahertz human security inspection equipment.

Terahertz security imaging chip solves the technical bottleneck of domestic security detector, is the first engineering application of domestic terahertz technology, not only accelerates the progress of industrialization of China's terahertz, but also will promote the digitization process of Ping'an City.

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