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Hua Xun ark second generation of active millimeter wave millimeter wave human body safety tester has

Date: 2018-10-17
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On January 26, 2018, authorized by Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee, Shenzhen High-tech Industry Association presided over the appraisal meeting of scientific and technological achievements of the project "Active Cylindrical Millimeter Wave Human Security Inspector" developed by Huaxun Ark Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and agreed to pass the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements.

The appraisal committee was chaired by Wu Handong, chairman of Xi'an Hengda Microwave Technology Development Corporation, and the panel was composed of Fang Guangyou, vice-chairman of the Institute of Electronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yao Zhihong, chief expert of the 13th Institute of Central Electricity and Jiang Wan, Deputy Engineer of the 41st Institute of Central Electricity. Professor Shun Fellow, Professor Liu Jinsong of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Professor Ouyang Zhengbian of Shenzhen University, Professor Hu Weidong of Beijing University of Science and Technology, Assistant Research Fellow Qin Yuliang of National University of Defense Science and Technology, and General Manager of Shanghai Mingjian Electronic Southern Construction Army are composed of 9 members.



This appraisal meeting mainly appraised the active cylindrical millimeter-wave human body safety tester TAI-40-HP. Experts attended the meeting heard the technical summary report of Dr. Qi Chunchao, chief technical officer of Shenzhen Huaxun Ark Group's Terahertz Technology Co., Ltd., and examined the technical data such as the test report and novelty search report. Field visits and questions. After that, the expert group considered that the TAI-40-HP active cylindrical millimeter wave human body security detector fully considered the background of the times, consistent with the actual application background, outstanding innovation, reached the international advanced level, and was adopted. Some constructive suggestions are given to further improve the implementation scheme and cost control of TAI-40-HP active cylindrical millimeter-wave human body safety detector.




Through field testing, the newly developed TAI-40-HP has complete functions and excellent performance. It is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

(1) the resolution is strong, the azimuth resolution can reach 4.5mm, and the resolving power is in the leading level of the industry.

(2) the imaging speed is fast and the total imaging time is less than 5 seconds. Greatly reducing the imaging time will greatly enhance the market competitiveness of new products.

(3) automatic recognition rate is high. According to the third-party test, the accuracy of TAI-40-HP automatic identification of hazardous substances carried by human body is 94.5%. The R&D team uses the depth learning algorithm in artificial intelligence to machine learning a large number of human sample data, and carries out identification training for dangerous objects placed in different parts of the human body in different seasonal clothes. Finally, the recognition rate is greatly improved.

(4) The equipment is more stable and reliable, the appearance is more beautiful, and the process of disassembly and installation is more convenient, which shortens the installation time to 2 hours and saves a lot of manpower and time costs.

Nowadays, the potential safety hazards in the world are becoming more and more serious, so it is urgent to detect the potential dangerous goods quickly and effectively. Today, these dangerous goods may use metal and non-metallic materials, but for non-metallic materials, such as powder, plastic products, pottery, liquids, gelatin, flakes and bulk explosives, metal detection doors are helpless. The new dangerous goods which pose a threat to the safety are becoming more and more complex, so it is necessary to cope with them with the technology of keeping pace with the times and prevent them from causing harm. TAI-40-HP emerges as the times require, is a human safety inspection equipment, and can be widely used in civil aviation, high-speed rail, library and other public places of human security inspection.

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